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Debt Review = Debt Consolidation Without taking a Loan,
and is a solution for over indebted consumers who wish to consolidate and also get legal protection from creditors. For a Free Assessment by a registered National Credit Restructuring Debt Counsellor please fill out the below Form.

When you find yourself in a difficult financial position as a direct result of debt, you may apply to a Debt counsellor to be declared over-indebted. The debt counsellor will then analyse your debt portfolio to determine your state of indebtedness.

Should the debt counsellor find that the you are over-indebted, he/she will make a recommendation to the Magistrate’s Court to declare you as over-indebted. The Court may in turn re-organise the your debt by extending the term of any agreement, postponing payments, recalculating unlawful fees or interest and may order adjustments to improperly charged items. The court order issued by the Magistrates court will also prohibit credit providers from instituting further legal action, and will protect your assets from being repossessed.

Should a debt counsellor find that a you are not over-indebted, he/she will provide you with a letter of rejection. You then have the right to appeal to court for a review of the counsellor’s decision. A consumer who is over-indebted may approach a debt counsellor directly, or he/she may be referred to a debt counsellor by his/her creditor/s or by the magistrate court.

The National Credit Restructuring, 3 Steps to debt restructuring

Following these three steps can get you in touch with all the help you need to get to the places you want to get financially.

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Legal notice: Debt Review is a solution provided by the National Credit Act no 34 of 2005. The process is therefore regulated by the National Credit Regulator and Governed by the National Credit Act. In terms of the National Credit Act every debt counsellor offering debt review services must be registered with the National Credit Regulator. Because we at National Credit Restructuring believe that good and reputable service is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to your debt, we ensure that all the debt counsellors we work with are registered with the required legal bodies. We will never supply detail of any consumer to a debt counsellor that are not registered in terms of the National Credit Act.